Amanda is currently having a cuddle with Lauren. Both of them are too comfortable to disturb so I (Elysha) will take on the blogging duties for the night.

Today was a pretty good day for Lauren, as far as good days in the ICU go. This morning, Lauren gave her first post-surgery smile to one of her favorite nurses, Carolyn, as she started her shift. Throughout the day we were able to get more and more smiles out of her. This is amazing to see because normally Lauren is a very smiley, happy baby so seeing smiles means that she is starting to feel like herself again.  Here is one of the smiles that her Uncle Cam was able to capture.

Today she also had a procedure to put a PIC line into her arm. This is an IV line that she can go home with in case they need emergency access anytime in the future. The nurse mentioned that an X-Ray showed that it is settled in the wrong place and they will have to readjust it tomorrow.

Lauren then spent some time playing with her toys and sitting in her physio chair, which she didn't seem to mind. I arrived from California with some (noisy) toys to help her with her physio that Lauren seems to love but the nurses will very shortly hate me for. I am so glad that I came back on the day of her first smiles.  There is no greater feeling than being greeted by that smile.

Please pray that Lauren's PIC line is readjusted to the proper place tomorrow and that she has a restful night of sleep tonight so that she can continue to heal.

Wishing everyone a fun and safe long weekend.

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