I was talking to Lauren's nurse today who was also one of the people who worked the ECMO machine when Lauren's heart was being bypassed. Knowing that Lauren had to receive blood transfusions, I asked him how much blood she had received. I was shocked by the answer. Lauren has received 31 units of blood. At Lauren's weight, she has just over 400mL of blood in her body. Each unit of blood contains 450mL of blood. That means that all of Lauren's blood was replaced almost 35 times over. 

We are asking you to help us give back. Just to replace the blood that was given to Lauren, we need 31 people to donate blood. Can you help us to give? The 31 people who donated blood before we even knew we would need it helped to save our daughter's life... now let's pass that gift on. 

Canadian Blood Services or 1-800-2-DONATE

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  1. That's crazy you should say that because yesterday I heard an ad on the radio about donating blood. It asked how many units would be needed to save a person involved in an auto accident - I couldn't believe the answer was 50!


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