As per usual, Lauren spent the day smiling, playing, and snoozing. We got to go out for our walk but realized that it was really bright out. No problem.

There was lots of visiting as well.

A full day of smiles makes me think that she is doing much better!

There are so many changes in Lauren's behaviour since she had her surgery. She now uses her legs to push her backside around, kicks at her toys, reaches for anything and everything, and eats so much more. However, the most obvious change is her sleeping behaviour and for this I have to thank everyone in the ICU.

For the first 5 months of her life, Lauren struggled with going to sleep. She needed to be held until she slept and then placed ever so gently in her crib. My breathing would stop and I would freeze with my fingers crossed praying (literally) that she would stay asleep. Just as I was settling back into the couch, without fail, Lauren would beckon / bellow me back. Putting her down was often reminiscent of playing hide and seek as a child when my breathing seemed as loud as a scream and my heart was a beating drum. And how I cursed those creaking floor boards.

But that was before and this is now. When Lauren is tired she makes a little grumpy noise, we put her in bed, put a soother in her mouth (which she prompty spits out and replaces with her fingers), and hit the button on her mobile. Our next step is to leave her alone as she lightly bats the mobile a few times and then settles in to sleep. Who is this baby?

So thank you ICU. Thank you for saving my baby's life. Thank you for the amazing care that the nurses and doctors gave to her. Thank you for caring for her and letting her into your heart. And thank you for teaching her to sleep.

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  1. What a joy and miracle it is to see this wonderful baby, just doing what babies do. Hopefully all of you can begin to move toward getting back to normal too, 'whatever your normal is' ;-).


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