This morning the doctors were able to close up Lauren's sternum. It was a great birthday present for Matt!

Then they removed the breathing tube. Lauren started to struggle and her oxygen saturation dropped, so her time off the ventilator was short lived. The ventilator not only helps her lungs but it supports her heart as well and her heart couldn't handle doing all of the work by itself.

She is now on a face mask that covers her nose completely and her oxygen saturation has gone back up.

It really feels like today has been two steps forward and one step back.

Please pray that a few days on the face mask is enough for her heart to rest and take over the job again next time they try to challenge it. We need as much prayer as we can get. We want our stay in the ICU to be as short as possible and to be moved up to the cardiac ward quickly.

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  1. We think of you three often, and have Lauren in our daily thoughts! I look forward to meeting this strong girl!

    Melissa and Markley Family


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