This second surgery has shook us to the core. Praise the Lord that Lauren did not come out on ECMO (heart bypass) and that her internal bleeding from the surgery is not too high. She has been generally stable this morning since they've been able to take down her temperature and brought down her heart rate. Her blood pressure remains a little high, but her Echo this morning showed that there is good blood flow through the artery and that the speed is not as high as yesterday. They even ventured to say that her heart might look "snappier" than yesterday.

Even with all of this good news, we feel so exhausted. It is hard to be back here and to see Lauren attached to all of these machines when just a few days ago she was so vibrant and showed pure joy to being alive. But she is still alive. And we will be taking her home again.

I know that we keep asking for prayer but that is all that we are able to do to try to help her. Our prayers right now are that her blood pressure comes down and stabilizes, that scar tissue doesn't form again, and that tomorrow they are able to successfully close her sternum. Our personal prayer is that we have the strength to go through this again. We are so emotionally beat down that many of our prayers no longer have words, just crying out. We long to hold our little girl again.

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  1. Dear Amanda and Matt,

    I'm a member of Nelson Avenue Community Church where Lauren's grandparents John and Debbie Pel attend. I'm also the head of the Prayer Ministry. I wanted to let you know that our church is praying, specifically the prayer chain. I've been updating them and you can rest assured that we are praying.

    I can't imagine what the last 2 days have been like. I pray that God will bring healing to Lauren and to you. May God give you the strength and comfort that you need at this time. May he strengthen your faith, your emotions, and your bodies. God bless and keep you.

    Angela Elliott


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