This morning when I got in to see Lauren she had had her arterial line removed and the cardiology fellow had removed her pacemaker wires and her drain. All of the IV machines were sitting dark in the corner and only half of the readings were posted on the monitor. The echo of her heart showed that her blood flow has remained the same through her coronary artery which is good news. 

The doctors have decided that Lauren will be staying in the ICU for the rest of the long weekend. This will allow them to keep a close eye on her. She is still being slowly weaned off of morphine and trying to heal so her body is working hard. She was in pain today after having the pacemaker wires and drain removed from her chest. Hopefully in the next few days she will start to feel better and some smiles will come shining through. 

While we are primarily focused on her heart, today an ultrasound of Lauren's leg showed that she has some damage to her artery where her arterial line was placed. I am praying that this does not lead to any complications and that with time it is able to resolve itself naturally. 

Lauren has made big strides but the doctors are still very cautious with her. They know that she can look great on the outside and then suddenly crash very quickly. That is something that I will have to try to find some peace about when we go home. I don't want to be sitting there watching for her heart to stop. I want to watch her grow and explore like any other baby would. I think that it will take awhile at home before I am really able to do this. 

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