After having a serious case of wiggly legs and arms last night when her medications were decreased a bit too quickly, Lauren was finally put to sleep and stayed that way for most of the day today.

I thought it was funny that at home they stress that babies shouldn't have any blankets or stuffed animals or pillows in their crib and when we went in around two Lauren was surrounded by pillows, covered in stuffed animals and had a blanket thrown across her face. Whatever works, I guess!

The doctors have decided to give her a day where they don't change anything. Same medication, same tubes, same procedures.

One thing that she was able to do was her physiotherapy. Over the past week and a half Lauren has lost much of her strength. Apparently when babies spend a lot of time being restrained from moving, either physically or with medication, they lose the desire to move. Hopefully this isn't too much of a concern for Lauren since she was actually moving her arms and legs so much through the sedation and paralysis that they had to increase the dosage a few times. We will have to keep working hard to encourage her to move and to stretch out her arms, legs, hands and fingers.

Today she spent ten minutes in a physio chair at which point she had had enough and wanted to get back to her bed. I can only imagine that after a week and a half of intense surgical procedures and trying to have your heart and lungs recover that one might be a little bit on the tired side.

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