Lauren Charlotte Arneill: Exceeding Expectations. As a teacher's daughter, what else would you expect?

Lauren had a good night of sleep and she now looks comfortable and a lot more settled than before. The times that she spends awake she is actively charming the nurses and doctors. They all love to come in and see her when she is awake and you can tell in her eyes that she is beginning to smile.

Today they will continue to try to wean her off of some of her medications.

Tomorrow Dr. Campbell's plan is to try to close up her chest. They will hold the skin closed and see how her heart responds and based on that decide whether they should just close up the skin or if they can also close up her sternum. 

We are praying that the swelling in her heart will go down enough that they can close everything up. If that happens she will be able to be propped up in a day or so which will really help to clear some of the fluid from her lungs.

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