Lauren has had a rough winter. It seems like she has managed to catch every bug out there. She seems to be on a two week virus cycle and it has been exhausting. I've also noticed that she has begun to grunt when she's breathing, especially when she is sitting or lying down trying to relax. This has set off alarm bells in my head because that was a symptom of heart failure that we didn't catch before. However, when she's not knocked down with a cold, she is running around acting like a fool with no other signs of difficulty. But it remains a bit of a question as to why she is grunting when she breathes and we don't really have an answer yet. 

When I am cuddling with Lauren after we've finished reading some books and I'm tucking her in, I like to whisper to her. I tell her that I love her and talk about our day a bit. However, I noticed that she wasn't responding like she used to. Since she's a bit of a "threenager" I chalked it up to an attitude. And then it happened a few nights in a row so I started to whisper her name. Sure enough, if I whispered quietly, I would get no response but if I was a bit louder, she would respond right away. Time for a hearing check. 

It was confirmed that she has lost some hearing in her left ear (the side I'm usually lying on) but they are hopeful that it is just temporary due to her winter of grossness. We will go back in a few months to check again but for now, Lauren's just talking a bit louder than she used to. I guess she has lost a bit of a sense of her own volume (which always seems to be set to a high setting anyways). 

On going to the pediatrician and mentioning all of these things, he is now sending her on to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor to check out her tonsils. While this won't help her breathing, it would likely stop her from being sick so much, cut down on her snoring (she gives Matt a run for his money) and help her to hear better. And I think that, since she is often trying to hear when she is sitting down, she might even be grunting just to pause her breathing in an effort to hear better. Who knows? But he listened to her heart and her lungs and all of that seems to be okay. Phew. As long as that's okay, this is no big deal.



So last week it came - Lauren's report from the hospital assessment of where she is cognitively, physically and verbally and all other -ly. I had been dreading having this package arrive since I knew how rattled I was after the appointment. But along with that set of papers, another package arrived.

Lauren was at daycare but I suspected what was inside and I'm not going to lie, I shed a small tear. As soon as she got home, Lauren tore into the package and found that there were not one, but two, new magic wands!! I guess that someone in the hospital saw the blog post and worked their own magic to make Lauren's dreams come true. So thank you, Children's Hospital Heart Centre, for being Lauren's very own beep-bop-boop (aka fairy godmother).

And Elyse is feeling pretty magical these days as well.

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