Today was the day! After a lovely bath with her delightful nurse who could pass for a real life Disney princess, Lauren was spiffed up and ready to go upstairs to the cardiac ward!

We were all excited to bring her up to the ward and she showed her excitement by sleeping the whole way. I've got to say that the ICU has taught her to be a more robust sleeper because she used to wake up with the smallest noise and now a binder can get dropped beside her bed and there is no reaction.

I was incredibly anxious with the idea of moving up to the ward because it is a change and there is not the one-to-one nursing care of the ICU. However, on the plus side, we get a room to ourselves, there is a window with natural light, and there is a bathroom in the room so I don't need to call back into the ICU every time I finish wandering in my nightgown through the hospital halls to the washroom.

What a change this room is!

Once Lauren woke up, she was delighted to find us as a captive audience to her cuteness.

We will be on the cardiac ward until Lauren is stable with all of the medicines that they would like to introduce. We are praying that they are able to get her on all of the medicines that will allow her scar tissue to begin to function again as heart muscle and help her heart get back to its regular shape and size. Apparently the next 3-4 months are the most important in terms of how much better her heart will get.


  1. She looks so happy. Praise God. Looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

  2. She does look so happy! :)


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