Today has been a big day for Lauren! This morning her hospital bed was replaced by a crib, this afternoon she was taken off the ventilator, and now at 4am she is right where she belongs, cuddled up in her Mommy's arms. I know that this has been the milestone that Amanda has been waiting for and it is amazing to see. 

Now that she is off of the ventilator, it is incredible to catch glimpses of normal baby behavior slowly coming back into Lauren's life - sucking on her fingers, making little baby sounds, looking around with curious eyes, and even crying. Anyone who has visited Lauren these past 8 days will tell you that one of the saddest things was watching her silently cry as her breathing tube inhibited her ability to make a sound. It's these little things that you take for granted.

Thank you for your continued prayers, they are being heard. Thank you for your continued support, it does not go unnoticed.


  1. What a beautiful picture! It brings me to tears to see Amanda holding Lauren again. I'm sure it will be no time until Lauren is out of the ICU!

  2. So glad Lauren is doing so well. The silent cry was one of the hardest parts of Meagan's first open heart surgery. I never thought I would be thankful to hear crying but when I heard her cry it was music to my ears! Continuing to keep you all in my prayers!


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