Last night my sister’s good friend came to visit Lauren in the ICU. She actually works in Children’s Hospital and she was at work the morning after Lauren first coded in the ER. As soon as she came that morning in she tried to get information about Lauren and she started asking about Baby Pel.

H: What happened with Baby Pel last night?

ER: Who?

H: Baby Pel. Sometimes pronounced Peel by accident.

ER: There’s no Baby Pel.

H: Okay, the sickest baby in the hospital.

ER: We have a Baby Arneill.

So that was how they identified Lauren:  the sickest baby in the hospital. We have know that her healing is miraculous and that God has been with us the entire time but seeing her now it is hard to really remember how less than two weeks ago I was screaming in my head that I didn’t want to be visiting her grave.

 Today she is sleeping soundly as Matt snoozes away beside her.

Lauren is having an unhappy today because her pacemaker wires and drainage tubes have been removed. She’s feeling uncomfortable but every tube that is removed is such a victory. They took out her arterial line last night and they are planning to take out her central line in her thigh this afternoon. Tubes are flying out all over the place! Praise the Lord!


  1. Praise God for her healing! She continues to amaze me. Gets me choked up to hear of her being referred to that way, but it only further illustrates God's miraculous healing in her life. Praise HIm!

  2. I have been skimming through your blog here and this particular post just jumped out at me. My daughter (now 21 months old) was diagnosed with ALCAPA at 12 weeks old. Your story is so familiar and I remember being told by the nurse those same words I couldn't forget if I tried. I'm glad to see she's doing well, and I will add her to my prayer list :). My daughter is doing well now aside from eating issues so if you have any questions or need to talk to someone who knows I certainly do! I'm actually on Facebook and I have been able to find about 8 or 9 other ALCAPA moms that I'm friends with. One friend has a daughter who's 17 years old! My e-mail is [email protected], or you can look me up on Facebook under that email! Please feel free to contact me for questions, support, anything! :)


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