Lauren’s story is a parent’s worst nightmare. As I fall asleep at night I have to work to block out the image of her eyes rolling back in her head as her heart stopped in my arms. This is something that makes any time that I have said, “Today was the worst day in my life,” a laughable joke. When parents read Lauren’s story they see their own fears coming true in our life. But praise God that we are also seeing miracles and promises from the Lord coming true.

For the past few days the nurses have been saying that I would get to try feeding Lauren again soon. I was totally honest with them about my nervousness because the first time that her heart stopped in the ER it was right after I tried to feed her. Tonight I got over myself and it was so wonderful to be able to feed Lauren and rekindle that special bond that I have always felt between us while feeding. Holding her and snuggling her tight is so special. Oh, I've missed her. We have a lot of work to do in the feeding area because she is down to 11 pounds and 4 ounces! Light as a feather.

Matt claimed the next snuggle time and loved every minute of it. 

And Aunty Elysha refused to put her down before she absolutely had to.

There is definitely no shortage of love for Lauren.


  1. I can not put into words how amazing it is to see Lauren in your arms again - it's getting me choked up. Every time I held Harrison, I prayed that you would be able to hold Lauren soon. Praise God that the time has finally come!

  2. This is just too beautiful. Brings tears of joy to my eyes. So very happy for you all. Big kiss to Lauren.

  3. How wonderful to see the photos of you holding your sweet babe! Thank God that she is doing well and that you can finally feed her again. I can totally relate to how wonderful that must feel. Thinking of you and praying for continued progress.


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