Lauren has been re-admitted to the ICU and will be going in for surgery to repair an artery that is being compromised by scar tissue. Please pray.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE - August 24, 5:30 PM. Lauren is currently in surgery. The doctors found significant narrowing of the coronary artery. If it is not a clot, Lauren's artery will have to be replaced and she will again be placed on ECMO. Please continue praying that she has the strength to battle through this again.

UPDATE - August 24, 11:00 PM. Lauren's surgery is finished and the Doctors are reporting that it went well. She will be in the operation room at least another hour or so as they try to take her off of ECMO. Please pray that her heart is strong enough to beat on its own so that they do not have to leave her on ECMO.

UPDATE - August 25, 12:45 AM. The Doctor just came in to give Amanda and Matt more information. Lauren had something called adhesion where scar tissue had grown in several places around her heart, causing parts of the heart to become stuck together. The surgeons were able to separate it, reattach the coronary artery and put an extra patch on it to hold it in place. Lauren has been weaned off of ECMO and the doctors are now waiting to see if she is able to stay off of the machine. Please continue to pray that she can stay off of ECMO and that her heart is able to properly function on its own. Also please pray that her body does not continue to show any signs of adhesion. The Doctor mentioned that adhesion is very rare, but once the body has done it once it is possible that it can happen again.

UPDATE - August 25, 10:00 AM. Lauren is stable and back in the ICU. She was successfully weaned off of ECMO after surgery and is no longer on the machine which is an answer to prayer. Please continue to pray that her body does not produce any more scar tissue around her heart.


  1. I don't know Lauren's family. I have been told about her tragic but yet inspiring story by a friend of mine. I have a little baby girl myself, just a month older than Lauren. From the moment I learned about Lauren and her story, I have been following the blog and praying for Lauren every day in my own way. I cannot possibly imagine what her family has gone through in the last few weeks - the strength and hope her parents (especially her Mom by writing the blog full of hope) have, are truly inspiring.
    Me and my family are with you in our thoughts, hoping for Lauren to kick butt again during tonight's surgery. Hang in there Lauren, you can do this!!!!

  2. I was literally up all night praying for Lauren. Always on my mind.

  3. Thank you so much for your constant prayers. We need it so much right now.


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