Lauren had a restless night last night. She was fighting the BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) breathing mask and was quite agitated. This morning they tried to remove her from the BiPAP machine and just have her with nose prongs but her oxygen saturation started to go down and her breathing became quite labored. It was nice to be able to hold her during that time but I could feel how much work she was starting to put into her breathing which is very stressful for her heart.

The doctors placed the BiPAP back onto her face and she actually settled quite well. I think she realized that it was actually helping her, even though it is annoying to have something on your face.

Lauren spent most of the rest of the day snoozing. She had fluid building up in her lungs and needed to do some good coughs to try to clear her airway but it hurts her chest so much to cough that she does everything she can not to. When suctioning to encourage coughing (which is a process that is enough in and of itself to break a mom's heart) wasn't enough, they brought in the physiotherapist who managed to clear quite a bit of mucus out of her lungs. Since then, Lauren's oxygen saturation has been better and we pray that it stay that way.

The doctors have decided that they need to try to slow down and let Lauren have some recovery time before trying the take her off any other machines. We are so thankful for this because she is so tired that she needs some time to just rest. 

Tomorrow they will try to introduce some other medicines but they will keep supporting her heart and her lungs with the BiPAP machine. 

We pray for a boring night and an equally boring day tomorrow. Just let her get some rest.

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  1. Praying everyday for Lauren, for you guys and the Dr.'s and nurses as well. I check the blog every morning. Standing with you guys and believing for a miracle. She is one strong little girl and absolutely beautiful. Your strength is so encouraging to me... Praying she gets good rest today and tomorrow.
    Philippians 4:6-7


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