It was another restless night for Lauren but it seems to have paid off. Yesterday her left lung was closed because her heart was so swollen that it was pressing the lung access shut. This morning's x-ray showed that her left lung is now open again though it has seriously decreased breath sounds. We are praying that as she is taken off the ventilator that her lung is able to resume function again and that the swelling in her heart continues to decrease.

When we left the hospital yesterday we were told that weaning Lauren off the respirator would likely take another 3-5 days. People all over the world have been very faithful in prayer and we have been delivered another miracle. With her lung popping back open, they have already started the process of weaning her off the vent and she should be off by tomorrow! 

For me, the best news is that once she is off the respirator, we will be able to hold her again. I can't wait to have my baby back in my arms.


  1. The miracles keep coming! I know she'll be off the ventilator in no time. I'm looking forward to spending time with her tonight.

  2. Your whole family is in my prayers! Love you guys!


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