Yesterday was a tough day for two of my most cherished friends. It was the anniversary of their brother's murder three years ago. I remember that phone call like it was yesterday. It was so heartbreaking and I felt so helpless in that situation. I know that is how many people have felt while watching Lauren go through this. I have felt like that most of the time as well. 

Lauren was actually born on their brother's birthday. It was a wonderful way to change a day tinged with sadness into a happy day. Since that very first day, my friends have been in love with her. 

Yesterday, on a difficult day for their family, my friends were the first ones to donate blood in Lauren's name. What a wonderful way to be thankful for every day of life that we are given and to help give life to others. 

Tomorrow my family and I are all going to give blood. The Canadian Blood Services next to the hospital is open every day except Sunday for donations. 

Our goal is to give back at least thirty one units of blood. So far we have two down, twenty nine more to go!

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  1. Hello Amanda and Matt,

    I have been wanting to thank you, Amanda, for the cute lil' baby shirt "Raising Up An Army" and the verse you attached to it. I was deeply moved by it, and since your prayer request was sent out, have also been moved to pray and pray. We continue to remember you all in our prayers and are having faith for all of God's wonderful and full blessings for you, for healing, full and complete, for Lauren. God bless you and keep you, you are continually being prayed for. By many!

    With love, Hilary and Adrian Lipsett


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