Please pray for Lauren who is back in the ICU. Lauren was vomiting and when she does her heart rate plummets so she has been readmitted. Please pray that she is able to hold down food and that her heart rate stabilizes. Please pray that this is just a normal, baby tummy issue and not something more.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE: September 19 11:36am

Lauren has had another episode of vomiting this morning with her heart rate slowing as part of a vagal response to her vomiting. She did not lose consciousness and after a period of time her heart rate increased back to its normal rate. The doctors have done an ECG and an Echo and neither of these showed any indication of adhesions or other heart complications. We are still waiting for blood work to come back but all indications point to a stomach bug of some sort. Please continue to pray that this is the case and that she is able to recover quickly with no more vomiting.

1 comment:

  1. We are praying! Passed your post on to the Prayer Chain at Nelson Avenue Community Church. Know that many prayers are being lifted up on Lauren's behalf.


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