Today Lauren got really excited to go to the hospital.

Matt and I were kind of nervous because our last check up with her didn't go so well. Since she has been home, when she eats her head stays dry now. With her heart condition, eating is a lot of work and she ends up with a sweaty head because it stresses her heart. We kept telling each other that she is doing better but we were looking forward to having her checked out. 

She was still snoozing by the time that we got to the hospital, Lauren was still snoozing away so I begged the radiology department to let us wait a bit more until she had her chest x-ray. When she did go in she was strapped to a chair with her arms straight up in the air and she spent the whole process making eyes and smiles at the technician. What a rockstar!

Lauren had her echo to check the function of her left ventricle and the flow through her coronary artery. Dr. Campbell (aka Dr. Dilly Bar) came in and gave Lauren some love. He reviewed the x-ray and echo and was happy with how she is doing. Her left ventricle function is still quite poor but the ejection fraction (amount of blood squeezed out each time) might be a little bit more than two weeks ago. The blood flow through her coronary artery is nice and slow, just like it should be. The doctors gave me a look of sympathy/approval when they heard that Lauren has gained 8 ounces in the few days that we've been home. If I ate every 45 minutes, I'd gain a bunch of weight too!

Lauren had fun playing peek-a-boo during doctor visits.

Matt and I gave each other some big high fives as we walked out of the hospital. I'm hoping that our appointment next Wednesday goes just as well, if not better than, our appointment today. The doctors have threatened that if it does go well that we will have more time between appointments. Apparently my suggestion of a week and a day was not what they had in mind. 

To celebrate, Lauren and I did some playing...and got photobombed by the dog. 

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