On Thursday the pediatrician suggested that we should try to feed Lauren solid foods three times a day to try to help her sleep. The feeling is that a full belly and some weight gain would help Lauren settle herself at night rather than continuing to wake every 45 minutes. After her first surgery and a few days at home Lauren had gained 8 ounces but her ribs and spine were still quite prominent.

Yesterday my mom and I walked over to the produce store and bought some yams, squash and carrots to make some baby food with the baby bullet. I boiled up the yams and she took it right down! She actually cried at me after she saw the food container and I didn't get the spoon into her face fast enough. 

Three containers of food later, she was finally full.

When I changed her diaper last night I noticed that there was an obvious difference in her waistline from after her first surgery. She's packing it on! My goal for her check up on Wednesday is for her to be well over 13 pounds. We're well on our way.

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