When Lauren was first born, I decided that I would take a picture of her every day for the first 100 days that she was alive to be able to see how she changed over time. It was typically easy to find one photo per day as I often clicked away the whole day through resulting in thousands of photos a month. It seemed that Lauren was always doing cute things and I needed to send photos to her Auntie Elysha in California every day.

One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Four Months

Five Months
 After 100 days I liked doing the photo a day thing so much that I decided to extend it to the first 365 days of her life (nope, 366 since this was a leap year). The day that she went into the hospital I had to decide if I would stop then or keep going. It was a struggle for me because I didn't want to remember her that way, but I also wanted the opportunity to remember her victory. When I first pulled out my camera, I did not know if she would survive. All we knew was that the doctors had managed to restart her heart but they didn't know what was wrong. I could tell that some people didn't agree with my choice to take pictures of her in the ICU in that state but, as I look back, I can say with certainty that I am glad that I made the decision that I did.

Six Months
Today I brought out my camera to take some pictures of my little girl. Some people see photos of her now and comment that her scar is healing really well or that it is nice and straight, and all of that is true. However, when I look at these pictures I see the clear blue eyes of my baby girl and her beautiful smile that lights up her face. When I look at her I see the victory that she claims every day. Praise the Lord!


  1. That's why she's my Baby Gorgeous!

  2. Lauren is one beautiful baby! Her smile lights up a room. Your and Matt's love for her are so evident. Praying for God's continued healing for all of you! Blessings, Angela

  3. Beautiful little girl. Her story continues to amaze me. Her 7 month pictures show so much strength. Such a happy little girl. She has encouraged me just from following your posts. Praying for her daily. God is good.

  4. What a beautiful story. She is gorgeous, and so strong! Love and prayers to you all.
    ~ Ann-Marie

  5. Me and my family are so happy to see little Lauren recover and doing so well! We couldn't be happier for you! Amanda and Matt - you are a true inspiration. It's been a roller coaster to read your blog, but I finally feel Lauren is over the hump, and I am not scared anymore every time I check your blog. In fact, I am now excited to see how well she is doing. Good things happen to good people. You rock Lauren - must get that from your wonderful and loving parents. All the best for an exciting future. From us, unknown. xo


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