Lauren is still having a rough time since we've been home and she has been feeding every hour or so, often for comfort. Matt and I figured that this would be a good time to introduce some solid foods since she is becoming obsessed with putting things in her mouth. 

In the hospital Lauren's potassium levels were low, so it seemed natural that we start her with some bananas. One of the doctors had told us about a mesh food bag that you could put whole foods into and babies could munch on and explore food without any need to worry about choking. On Saturday Matt and I found one of these and it is a big hit with Lauren. Frozen bananas are her latest thing!

I guess that I shouldn't be surprised that she likes frozen foods. Take a look at this photo of her inputs from the hospital and see if you can find the item that typically wouldn't be there....

Oh yeah. That's right. Did you see it? Dilly bars! What baby eats Dilly Bars? Apparently our baby does. If it had been anyone other than Dr. Campbell who gave it to her I might be mad but he can do no wrong in our minds (he did save her life twice!). One morning on rounds Lauren was really fussing and Dr. Campbell was eating a Dilly Bar, so he took a scoop of his ice cream and plunked it in her mouth. She loved it. Of course she did. 

I think for now we will stick with bananas.


  1. Yum! Looks like she loves it! Her incision is looking great, looks like it is healing up quite nicely.


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