(Note – This is Elysha hijacking the blog)
The subject of this post will not highlight Lauren’s continued strength and perseverance, which is evident throughout this blog, but rather will focus on the people she clearly inherited those characteristics from – her parents.
This weekend, while most families enjoyed their end of summer activities, my sister was living in a tiny ICU waiting room, constantly feeding and tending to Lauren. This included waking up for her precious daughter’s round-the-clock feeds every hour and a half to three hours. She spends her days and nights selflessly making every decision and action in Lauren’s best interests, never thinking of herself. If being a mom is the hardest job in the world, I am not sure how one would characterize being a mom to a sick child. Every day, I am in awe of her strength. 
Matt, too, has shown an incredible amount of strength through this process. Spending his days at the hospital, his nights taking care of the ‘at home’ duties for his family, always being there for his girls and reminding them how much he loves them. And now, facing the challenge of having to go back to work and balance the two.    
As a couple, they are strong and unwavering. Their love is still unmistakable, even in these difficult times. With everything else on their minds they still remember to say “I love you”.
While no one would fault them for being a complete wreck, they are not. They are thankful. Thankful for the friends and family members taking time out of their day to sit with Lauren in the hospital. Thankful for the outpouring of support for their family. Thankful for the nurses and doctors who care for Lauren. Thankful for the opportunities and gifts that Lauren has been given at the hospital and reminding us to pay it forward. Thankful for the followers of this blog that keep Lauren in their prayers. Thankful for God’s continued faithfulness. And mostly thankful for their little girl.
Please continue to pray for Lauren, ask for strength and healing for her little body. Also please pray for Amanda and Matt, for continued strength and emotional healing needed after the trauma of the past 5 weeks.
To Amanda and Matt. Your family and friends love you very much and are prouder of you than we can possibly express.


  1. Elysha, I could not have said it better. Before all of this happened, I was so thankful to have Matt and Amanda as close friends. And through all of this, I am even more thankful. Their strength and faithfulness has been inspiring. Bobby and I love them very much (and Harrison too!).

  2. Thanks for this post Elysha. Amanda and Matt, you are in my prayers as is Lauren. May God heal and strengthen you all. I can't imagine how the day to day stress of it all wears on you. I hope Lauren is doing a bit better today.
    God bless you,
    Angela Elliott

  3. This is something that would be completely unbearable without all of the love and support that we have found in our family, friends and people at the hospital. You use the word "trauma" to describe the past 5 weeks and that is exactly what it has been but we have been so blessed as well. It is amazing how God uses situations like this to draw us closer.


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