Lauren was released from the hospital on Friday. Amanda, Matt, and Lauren are now adjusting to their 'at home' routine. Matt was up very late on Thursday night, preparing the house for Lauren's return; cleaning and sanitizing everything. It is crucial that Lauren is not exposed to any germs in the upcoming months. Any exposure to germs or viruses in the next months could land Lauren in the hospital once again, possibly undergoing another surgery.

Lauren is still trying to flip her days and nights, as Amanda has spoken on in recent posts. Lauren also seems to be struggling emotionally. She is having bad dreams and needing extra cuddles and care. While she does seem to have been traumatized by her surgeries, procedures and the stay in the hospital, we are hoping that the realization that she is home will slowly sink in and she will fall back into her usual routine and disposition.

Please pray that Lauren's healing continues, that she is able to readjust her sleeping patterns, and that she is able to forget the trauma of the past 5 weeks and realize that she is at home safe.

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