So, the floppy strategy didn't work and yesterday they sent us out of the ICU and up to the cardiac ward. The ICU was the quietest we have ever seen with only three patients when we left. Lauren had another rough night but they were confident that it wasn't because of her heart. She had to say goodbye to her Auntie Elysha but this will be the last time since Elysha has decided to move home (I knew that praying hard worked!).

While we waited to be transferred upstairs, Matt and I spent the morning in the ICU watching a movie while Lauren snoozed away in Matt's arms.

We came upstairs and Lauren set about to being herself with lots of smiles but lots of tears interspersed. She is really tired and still in pain from her incision, her tummy and the breathing tube down her throat. Every time she yawns or coughs she cries and she sounds a bit like a kitten when she tries to cry.

To help with Lauren's teething, Carolyn made some sponge pops for her with the mouth care sponges and water. After letting them freeze for a little while, Lauren goes to town on them.

One of the common "side effects" of the ICU is that babies get their days and nights flipped. Matt and I spent our first few months up late every night but Lauren has taken this to a whole new level now. Last night she was up until 4:30 in the morning! I worked hard until 2am to try to get her to sleep and then I handed her off to the nurse who so wonderfully took over so that I could get some sleep. Today we are going to be spending the day awake as much as possible.

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