Ever since Lauren was first born, I have been making hair bands and hair bows for her. Hair bands were great until she started pulling them off and often accidentally yanked a large handful of her own hair, prompting bouts of crying. So I switched more to hair bows. Flashback to when Lauren was 6 months old. There might have been a problem. See if you can figure it out...

Lauren got pretty bald. But some things I see as a challenge and I found a way to make some super flouncy hair bows stick to minimal baby hair.

I love making hair bows. Lauren wears them and Elysha has worn them as well. They look great in a little bit of hair, or in a full head of it. With Matt's encouragement (because I hate hate hate putting myself out there) I have opened up an Etsy shop with my hair bow creations. So here it is...

I chose to name the shop She's A Miracle because that is how I view Lauren and all that she's gone through, and I know that many people view their little girls (and big girls) in the same way.

Right now there are three styles of bows in many different colours. The first style is a full style round hair bow  with a crystal or glitter button centre. I think this is my favourite kind to make because they are so full and so fun. I also love how they look on Lauren's head. They go so beautifully with her dresses and skirt outfits.

The second style that I am currently selling is a double classic bow. Lauren usually wears these with her everyday outfits. These bows are also cute ponytail toppers for older kids or a great way to hold bangs to the side out of a girl's face.

The third bow is a flapper style hair bow with crystal embellishments. This style is a beautiful one for girls of all ages. The crystal colours coordinate with the colour of the ribbon.

The shop can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShesAMiracle. Check it out and find a special set of bows for yourself or one of the miracles in your life. I'm also working on some other styles that will be available shortly. 

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