Elysha and I have decided to complete a Project 365 this year. That is where we take one picture a day for the whole year. I have done that since Lauren was born but Project 365 should help me take photos of things other than Lauren. It is meant to be a record of what you love, live and learn. For every day there is a word to lead your photography. Let's be honest, many of my photos will probably be of Lauren but this should also force me to branch out a little bit as well.

The words for the first week were resolve, new beginnings, repetition, fur, colourful food, with words, and movement.

The best start. January 1, 2013. (Amanda)
Lauren: "Must grab fur!!"
Austin: "Must stay so I can get a treat."
January 1, 2013. (Elysha)
My perfect love. January 2, 2013. (Amanda)

The view from the top (a.k.a. my new condo). January 2, 2013. (Elysha)

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. January 3, 2013. (Amanda)

Watching Tinkerbell (again) while having an ECHO done (again). January 3, 2013. (Elysha)
Lauren's Zoo. January 4, 2013. (Amanda)

EEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!! January 4, 2013. (Elysha)
Faith, trust and pixie dust! Thanks Tinks. January 5, 2013. (Amanda)

Rainbow of peppers. January 5, 2013. (Elysha)
Reading. Oh, how I've missed you. January 6, 2013. (Amanda)

Fun words and not so fun words. January 6, 2013. (Elysha)
Mattress moving! She's getting so big. January 7, 2013. (Amanda)

Mrs. Wiggles - hard to get a picture of her without some of it being blurry. January 7, 2013. (Elysha)

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