An era has come to an end.

Lauren officially hates her jolly jumper. Every time that I've tried to put her into it in the last week she has started crying. And it isn't her regular "oh, I'm kinda whiny because I don't like this" fake cry with no tears. This is a legit "how could you do this terrible thing to me?!" crying with real tears. Lauren very rarely cries with tears, so you know that this is real. So today I took the jolly jumper down. I will miss it! It was nice to have her in one spot but also so much fun to watch her jump so high, while squealing and laughing. I found it so fascinating to watch her and I usually spent the whole time laughing myself!

Now, Lauren just wants to explore. As soon as I change her diaper in the morning, she's off! She is now so determined to explore that it is hard to wrangle clothes onto her little squirming body. She has a usual  routine which just seems to get more and more intense. First, she crawls to her book basket (a fact that I take personal satisfaction in) and pulls them out one by one.

Some of them she looks through and some of them she tries to eat (I'm not a huge fan of that). This morning she also pulled her Olivia book off of the top of her nightstand. Next, she visits her other toy boxes and dumps many of the blocks across her carpet for me to step on later. But wait, her favourite room beckons.

Oh, the bathroom. There are so many things to explore in here! The door closes by itself so she pushes it open as she crawls in with purpose. Next, bang on the garbage can, stand by the bath, play with the knobs, open the drawers and, no, we do not typically keep our toilet paper like that. Thank you, Lauren.

When she gets too fascinated with the toilet, we head out to the kitchen. In here, bang the fridge, pull up the carpets, eat the underpad, open the drawers but get stuck underneath. If the dishwasher or cupboards are open, crawl as fast as possible to get in there!

The dog dish is also quite enticing.

It is near a whole shelf of things that can be pulled off and rifled through and very close to the dog food can which is the world's best baby drum.

Who me? Ooh, that camera looks interesting!!

 But Lauren's real love is the piano. If we don't have the piano keys open, she lets us know that we have displeased her. Once they are open she pulls herself up and makes beautiful music (?).

Early on we noticed that Lauren had an affinity for music and it will be interesting to see if she continues to develop that as a love.

Nothing is safe in our house anymore. The extra crazy that Lauren brings to the house now makes me want to throw everything out. Purging might have to happen this weekend. 

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