This week had some challenging photo words for our pictures. Ugh, number 12 - self portrait - making makeup and real pants necessary.

The words we were working with were discouraged, peaceful, real life, climb, a self portrait, a stranger's smile, and in low light. Here goes nothing...

I'm sad but I'm smiling. It is confusing. January 8, 2013. (Amanda)

Austin doesn't like the rain. January 8, 2013. (Elysha)
Centered. January 9, 2013. (Amanda)

Zzzzzzz. January 9, 2013. (Elysha)
The pigsty. Real life. January 10, 2013. (Amanda)

Both of their realities...one is more excited about it than the other. January 10, 2013. (Elysha)

Look, Mom, I can stand! January 11, 2013. (Amanda)

Or the antithesis of climb...descend. January 11, 2013. (Elysha)
My best self portraits always include this little one. Janauray 12, 2013. (Amanda)

Elysha is studying and didn't feel like putting on makeup for a self portrait... so here it is. January 12, 2013. (Elysha)
Hello, who are you? Pretty table friend. January 13, 2013. (Amanda)

Oh dear.... January 13, 2013. (Elysha)
Warm pjs, comfy blanket, cuddling. Nothing is better. January 14, 2013. (Amanda)

No sun on this snowy day in Burnaby, January 14, 2013. (Elysha)

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