Poor Austin
Those eyes still get me!
Getting ready to party next month!
In the picture after this she is stuck under the drawer
Kiss me, beautiful
Cuddle time
She loves her new purchase
Out for a walk
When she's not listening, we call this baby jail. When she is listening, it is "super baby fun time"
Dressed up for shots
Must explore!
Encouragement for Auntie Elysha while she writes her exam
Bunny mitts
I couldn't figure out why she had gone so quiet...until I looked at the monitor. 
Zipping around on her bumble bee
Babies taste good
Bathtime visitor
Bundled up (but still eating her rubber duck)
Dropping off a donation for Children's Hospital, raised by Westside Montessori School in Lauren's name.
They raised almost $5000!!!
The first day she did this, I knew we were in trouble!
PH probe sadness
Swings <3 
Ahhahahaha! This one will be whipped out again for her wedding slideshow.

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