One of Lauren's favourite books is Olivia Counts.

When she sees the cover of the book she lights up and starts to giggle. We read that book, or another Olivia book, just before she goes to bed.

As I changed her for the umpteenth time the other day I started to count how many outfits she had gone through and that inspired me to do this post.

Lauren Counts...

1 - One daily bath

2 - Two favourite fingers

3 - Three people in Lauren's family

4 - Four outfit changes in a typical day

5 - Five times the woman in front of us at Costco told us Lauren was adorable (it's going to go to her head soon, I'm sure of it)

6 - Six carpet fibers from her shag carpet that we have to stop her from ingesting

7 - Seven angry shark teeth in Lauren's vicious little biting mouth

8 - Eight wake ups last night

9 - Nine diaper changes

10 - Ten baby talons on her beautiful little fingers

11 - Eleven is Lauren's birthdate

12 - Twelve times a day, Lauren pulls the nightlight out of the wall

13 - Thirteen is the number of pounds Lauren has gained since she was born

14 - Fourteen bath toys in a typical bath

15 - Fifteen pairs of shoes in her shoe basket

16 -  Sixteen is the number of Olivia books that Lauren owns

17 - Seventeen dog hairs ingested per day (that's what happens when you bite his fur while screaming with glee)

18 - Eighteen baby spoons in the drawer and we still seem to run out

19 - Nineteen hair bows to choose from

20 - Twenty ounces of solid food a day are getting into our little fatty

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