I have a good friend, B, who owns a school. No big deal, but it is awesome! Before I had Lauren, I did some part time work in the office of Westside Montessori and I was amazed at the learning that happened. We are already saving for Lauren to be able to go there! The doctors have concerns that because she had to have CPR a few times there might have been a lack of oxygen which could cause her to have some learning disabilities in the future and we want to give her the best chance that we can.

When Lauren was in the hospital, my friend, B, came for a late night shift of sitting with Lauren in the ICU. We started talking about the Christmas charity fund raising that they do every year and she committed them to doing a fundraiser for Children's Hospital. In the past they have raised funds for purchasing animals for third world countries and other amazing things like that. They usually raise around $1000. With Children's Hospital trying to raise money to build a new building, we know that the money will be put to good use. They do such amazing work there. I recently told Matt that if I need to go to the hospital, he is to bring me there. It might be hard to get in but we can just say I'm 10 and I look old for my age. I can pretend to be really interested in Justin Bieber and One Direction (I actually didn't know who they were until yesterday when Ellen gave a teenager tickets to them and she seemed really excited).

Here is the form that they sent home to parents. Many of the parents have spoken to B saying that they were touched by Lauren's story. This year, Westside Montessori made a calendar of the students' artwork, which is really amazing for 3, 4 and 5 year old kids. They have sold the calendars for $20 each, 2 for $35 or by donation.

One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to Children's Hospital. So far they have raised over $3000! Unbelievable! I don't write this blog to be able to sell things but I know that there are a few left and some of you might need a beautiful calendar full of artist-inspired work done by a bunch of cute little kiddos.  

If you are interested in getting your own copy of the calendar, or you just want to donate to the Children's Hospital, please let me know at [email protected] and I will hook you up!

Lauren will personally be presenting the cheque of the money raised before Christmas (we will have to work on the whole "no, you don't eat paper" thing before then). I am so excited and thankful for the parents of Westside Montessori and B for making this all happen!

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