Tomorrow morning, around 7:45 AM, Lauren will be having her pacemaker surgery.  After surgery, Lauren will be spending one night in the ICU and will then be back on the ward for a couple more days of healing. We ask that you please join us to pray:

1. That the anesthesia goes smoothly and that Lauren does not have a vagal episode during intubation.
2. That the surgery goes well, with no surprises or issues.
3. For Dr. Campbell and the rest of Lauren's surgical and care team - that He will guide their hands and help them care for Lauren.
4. That Lauren comes out of surgery able to breath on her own.
5. Quick and complication-free healing.
6. That Lauren has to spend as little time as possible in the ICU.
7. That Lauren is not scared before, during or after the procedure.  That she is able to feel the love and comfort from her parents, family, and God.
8. That this surgery does not set back the amazing strides in development that Lauren has made in the past months.
9. For strength and comfort for Amanda, Matt, and the rest of us that walk through this journey with Lauren.
10. That Lauren can safely come home as soon as possible.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We will update the blog with Lauren's progress throughout the coming days.

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