Here is what Lauren is doing at this exact moment:

She's playing "Toybox", one of her favourite games where she takes all of the toys out of her toy boxes (hence the super original title), and sitting in front of the Christmas tree AT HOME!!

After a rough night last night with a nurse who seemed determined to wake Lauren up every chance she got, this morning Lauren woke up with a smile and the doctors determined that she was doing well enough to be discharged. Yesterday she had a bit of a fever but that has gone down.

It is so nice to be home. Lauren went down for a nap and, just like at the hospital, she woke up with a loud cry after only twenty minutes or so. We watched her on the monitor and she looked around, realized where she was and settled herself back down for another hour and a half. It was bliss. For all three of us.

Hopefully every day her incision and sternum feels a little bit better and she is more comfortable. Thank you everyone for your amazing outpouring of prayer and love. We have an exciting and overwhelming love gift to tell you about shortly (no, I'm not pregnant). Stay posted!

And in other news, the same day that Lauren had her surgery, she also broke her two front teeth up top. Now she has all four front teeth and she delights us with the sound of her teeth grinding. It makes me gag. Thankfully I don't vagal.


  1. Praise the Lord!!! What an answer to pray. May God continue to give Lauren healing and strength. I'm so glad she is home.

  2. Hooray! So glad for you that she could come home! I'm with you on the teeth grinding - it made me shudder every time my boys did that!


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