Lauren has her pacemaker surgery today. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

7:40 AM - Lauren has just been taken downstairs for her surgery.

8:15 AM - Lauren has been successfully intubated with no complications.

9:20 AM - The surgeons are just starting to do the closure and will be up to talk to us soon.

9:50 AM - A couple of the cardiologists just came in and told us that everything went very well.  We should be able to see her soon.  They will be watching her in the ICU for the day and night to make sure that everything continues to go well.

10:05 AM - Dr. Campbell just came in to let us know that she did really well during surgery. She is extubated and breathing on her own. They didn't have to pace her at all during the surgery, her heart was strong enough to handle the anesthesia and the surgery.  They brought her incision down further than it previously has been and only had to do a partial sternectomy, which will hopefully mean less pain for Lauren. She also had no bleeding, so she does not have a drain. We will be going downstairs to the ICU to see her in the next 15 minutes. Thank you for your prayers, they are working!

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