The last seven days of Lauren's life have been pretty busy. She has had a pacemaker put in, cut her top two teeth and started to take assisted steps.

When she does things like a regular baby, it always amazes us, but after all is said and done, she is just a regular baby.... A regular baby who has figured out that she can make eyes at all the nurses, doctors and hospital workers and they will pay attention to her. That is why she does things like having her chest x-rays with not a single peep. Then the radiologists gush over her. She's a smart one!

Today Lauren's check up with the surgeon showed that she has a bit of congestion in her left lung though there is good air entry now and that there is some fluid on the side of the pacemaker. We are praying that the fluid can be absorbed by her body and that no more builds up.

It's crazy to love someone this much. What a fabulous experience!

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