In a previous post I put a teaser about some exciting news that Matt and I were given. There is an event that we hope you will join us for....

On Saturday I woke up feeling sick, hating one-ply toilet paper and aching for some real daylight. Poor me. I was having a serious case of self-pity. Not a pretty thing.

Just as Lauren was starting to cry once again, someone knocked on our hospital room door. We weren't expecting anyone and I thought that it was another doctor, but when I looked up it was someone that I've only had the pleasure of meeting once face to face. Eric Pateman from Edible Canada Bistro on Granville Island was standing in the door with two massive bags of delicious, piping hot food. He has visited us once in the hospital before when Lauren was first admitted to the ICU and his restaurant generously and faithfully provided us with breakfast and lunches on the weekends for the entire time that we were in the hospital (see this post here).

I am in love with their gluten free french toast. Don't even get me started! They have taken it off of their menu this season and I was heartbroken to see that. After Eric left, Matt unpacked the bags of food and at the bottom of mine was an order of delicious, not-on-the-menu-right-now, french toast.

It was so thoughtful! But to extend their thoughtfulness, the staff at Edible Canada had a meeting on Saturday morning and Lauren's story, combined with the terrible events of Newtown, made them feel that they wanted to do something to make a difference. Eric told us that this Sunday, December 23rd, Edible Canada is hosting two seatings of a three course meal and 5% of everything that they bring in this day is being given to Lauren as a bursary for her education! What a blessing!

Because of Lauren's periods of CPR and the lack of oxygen to her brain, the hospital staff has prepared us for learning disabilities down the road. To give her the best chance, we have already signed her up to attend Westside Montessori Preschool where the learning that the children experience is amazing! However, the school isn't cheap. Now that Lauren has had another surgery, Matt and I have decided to postpone my return to work since there are still so many feeding issues that we are working on with her and ongoing appointments with many different doctors. While I cherish the extra time that I will have with Lauren, it makes it more difficult to save for her schooling.

On this morning, when I woke up on the pity party side of the bed, I was overwhelmed by the amazing care and generosity of Edible Canada. There are so many people out there who love us and support us.

Now let's celebrate a beautiful Christmas by heading to Edible Canada for dinner on the 23rd. Can't make dinner? Pop down for a delicious brunch or lunch with great gluten free options. The dinner seatings are at 5:30pm and 7:30pm and it is $35 per person. You can make reservations online or by calling 604-682-6681. Hopefully we will see you there. Lauren already has a dress ready for the event!

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