It can be really hard to keep a baby who wants to do nothing other than jump, stand and take a few wobbly steps entertained in the hospital. So here's what Lauren suggests...

Lauren's List:

1. Eat all of your toys. Drop them repeatedly on the hospital floor so that someone has to wash them over and over again.

2. Relax. Watch Secret of the Wings. Over and over.

 3. Smack windows. Bonus points for fingerprints left behind.

 4. Eat chocolate ice cream. Smear on face. Start flapping arms like crazy as you enter a sugar overdose.

5. Collect Tinkerbell and other fairy band-aids after any and all blood work.

5. Recover. 

 6. Have loud fits of squealing. Also do this while dancing to Gangnam Style. It will bring all the nurses running.

7. Bundle up and go for walks. Have your nurse super nervous while you're away but, don't worry, you don't eat on walks.

8. Have an in-room picnic with plastic food. If you're super cool, wear the mini picnic blanket on your head.

9. Be creepy.

10. Play with your syringes, name tags, tubes and all medical parifinalia that comes within a one foot radius of your person. Put anything and everything possible into your mouth with lightning speed. Oh, and rock the bed head hair.

Last, but certainly not least, charm anyone and everyone who walks into your room. That's right, work those baby blues. The more charming you are, the more they will come visit and you don't have to stare at your mom and dad's faces all day.

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