On Friday morning Lauren had another vagal episode where she passed out. This hasn't happened for two weeks and we were so excited about her progress.

Now the cardiologist wants Lauren to be admitted to the hospital again so that they can investigate these episodes. Initially they wanted Lauren in on Friday but we managed to settle on Monday since no testing would have been done on the weekend and it is so much nicer to have Lauren at home.

I'm dreading going back to the hospital tomorrow. Dreading it. When I was thinking about it, my brain said to me, "Two steps forward, one step back." However, it's more like a marathon forward and a 5K back. Lauren has come so far and this is just an issue that she has that needs some investigation. I'm praying that there are no serious issues that are causing these episodes other than a feeding issue. It will be nice to have it checked out but it is scary nonetheless.

Today I will be packing and prepping for our time in the hospital. It is like packing for a trip but the destination just isn't as fun. We aren't sure how long we will be in there. They want to see an episode so I have planned to pack all of the foods that have caused it in the past. I feel terrible wanting to cause her to have an episode because I've worked so hard to make eating a fun and safe time for her but I also know that the faster an episode happens, the faster we can get back home and living like a family again. The stress of this all is getting really hard to deal with for all of us. 

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  1. Amanda, Matt and Lauren, I'm so sorry to hear that Lauren has to go back in the hospital. I can't imagine how hard and stressful this must be for all of you. I'll be praying and have alerted NACC's prayer chain too. Together we will be praying that as hard as it sounds, Lauren will have an episode soon and that the doctors will get the data they need for their investigation. We'll be praying that it isn't anyhting serious and for continued healing for Lauren. Amanda and Matt we are praying for the two of you too. May God give you all that you stand in need of right now. BTW the photo of Lauren and Austin is really cute and I see she's starting to walk with help. Good for her! Blessings, Angela


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