We have always loved Christmas lights but this year looking at our house is like Christmas has punched you in the face. I love it! Lauren loves the lights too so that justifies us adding 1200 more lights this year.

Christmas is in full swing here. We have our tree up, Christmas pictures have happened, and the house is decorated. But there have been other firsts as well. Today the Children's Heart Network had a huge Breakfast with Santa event at the Hilton Hotel. Lauren got dressed up in her Christmas tutu, her new red shoes and a pretty red hair bow and we set out. She was super cranky since the morning she got up so the bit of whining that she put out there was better than we expected. We got to sit with our friends from the ICU and chat about how our girls are doing while the girls played together snatched toys from each other.

We have been so excited for Lauren to meet Santa for weeks now...maybe we should have prepared her a bit better. She was handed over to Santa, turned around to look at him and cried like she does after getting shots. Then she would settle a bit, turn around, see him again and lose it all over again. It's probably wrong that I laughed. Bad mom.

As we were heading out we saw that we had won two of the raffle prizes! 

I know that there is so much work that goes into putting on events like this and I am so thankful for all of the hard work that went into this event. I look forward to going again in the years to come when Lauren can fully appreciate the cookie decorating, face painting, balloon animals, storyteller and maybe even Santa.

December 1st... Christmas is in full effect!

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