I thought that Christmas was going to be nice and relaxing but I should have known better! It was an amazing whirlwind of activities and we all had a blast but I feel like I need 3 solid days of sleep. That also might have something to do with the fact that Lauren is cutting her fourth tooth in three weeks. Ugh. I should just have her on an Advil drip. She has a special whine that she reserves for all tooth cutting and it is the sort of noise that just pierces through your head and your patience. But it does ensure that she is constantly cuddled or given whatever she wants. It's a scary precedent we're setting.

Lauren was spoiled for Christmas (and so were we). Her most memorable present would have to be the larger than life bear that Lauren was given. He doesn't have a name yet because, considering his size, his name will have to be epic.

I was given a flash bouncer which will allow me to go even crazier with the number of photos that I take!

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