After two weeks away from the hospital and just living at home like an (almost) normal family we were back in today for a check-up at the Heart Centre. Lauren was a little rock star. She didn't cry at all during the Echo or make a fuss during the ECG. The woman who does the ECG says that Lauren is her dream baby because she is so easy to get a reading on.

Lauren's cardiologist is delightful but I still always brace myself when I see her. She has such a nice way of giving you terrible news that even when it is good news I am still sometimes a little unsure as to if I should be concerned or not. But there was nothing bad today!

There are two main things that the doctors look for when Lauren gets checked out. One is the ejection fraction of the left ventricle. That is a measurement of how much blood is being pushed out of the ventricle each time that the heart contracts. The ideal ejection fraction is 70% or above. When Lauren was sent home from the hospital, her ejection fraction was 15%. At her last appointment two weeks ago, her ejection fraction was 18%...maybe. Today it was 27%!!

What what! If you didn't know her history, that would be a very bad ejection fraction but we are so happy that it is moving in the right direction Yes, her heart is still weak, but it is making gains. I have been praying so hard for us to see some improvement so this is such an answer to prayer! There is still a long way to go so I will keep praying like a freak.

The second thing that the doctors look at is the blood flow through the coronary artery. This was being pinched off when her adhesions formed and the blood sped up, much like when you pinch a hose and the water comes out fast enough to spray your wife when she is innocently walking in the backyard (not that that has every happened or anything). The faster the flow, the more stress on the heart. When Lauren was discharged from the hospital her flow rate was 0.5. Today it looked like it may have even been lower than 0.5! That is some nice lazy Sunday blood flow.

With the good results from today Lauren isn't going back for another check-up for one month now! I'm sure that she will be sad to not see the paper on the bed for another month. It seems to be one of the highlights of her time at the hospital.

Lauren went home today wearing a halter monitor. This records all of her heart rhythms for a 24 hour period. She is doing better with it than I expected! I'm sure she doesn't mind that she can't do tummy time with the halter monitor on.

We are really happy with how Lauren has been doing lately. It is hard because it's not like a cold or a simple surgery where once it is done, you are better. With Lauren's condition, the surgery is done but she still has years of recovery. I'm just so thankful that with her heart still growing there is the ability for it to compensate and remodel. 

On that note, I will leave you with some of my personal favourites from Lauren's photo shoot with the heart (that she ate as soon as it got into her hands).


  1. Marianne Baker10/10/12, 2:20 PM


  2. Praise the Lord! What sweet pictures of her. She is adorable.

  3. Way to go, Lauren!!
    p.s. you are without a doubt the most adorable baby on the face of the earth!


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