No, Lauren hasn't said her first word just yet, but I feel like I should put money down on it being "Austin".

Our dog was such a bother when Lauren was first born. He has always been, um, vocal and that didn't stop just because we had a napping baby in the house. It seemed like every time she would go down, there was a barking emergency that needed to happen. For more than a month Austin lived at my parents' place because I just couldn't handle it anymore and it was not good for Lauren either.

When Lauren came home after her second surgery, it was like Austin did an about face. He sleeps in her room, naps when she does, follows her as we carry her around the house, and sits beside her when she is on the ground. He has also figured out the benefits of her eating (and dropping) solid food.

In turn, Lauren loves Austin. She can be crying and as soon as he trots into the room, she stops and becomes totally enamored. In the past week she has figured out how to "pet" the dog as well. It is basically her reaching for him every chance she gets and then trying to bury her face in his fur. It seems like everything is more fun when he is with her. She likes to jolly jump with him, have naked time with him, go outside with him, and sit with him. He is a little less keen on the sudden outpouring of interest but he is so patient with her and slowly moves his eyes and ears just out of arm's reach. Though he might be surprised since arm's reach is starting to spread with her wiggling more and about to roll wherever she wants to go. I think he will be the motivation that she needs to roll onto her belly for the first time!

It's true love. He's working on it.

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  1. i love all of these photos of lauren and austin. you can feel the love!!


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