I (Elysha) have been home for a few weeks now. I am living with Amanda, Matt and Lauren for the next couple months and it has been quite the change going from living alone in California to being back home and having a baby roommate! It has definitely been a good change though. I love waking up every morning to Lauren's happy screams and getting to experience all the day to day stuff with her. It is amazing to watch how much she is growing and learning every day. My past few visits Lauren had been in the hospital the entire time so it is nice to see her back at home and in her element.

I have to say that these past few weeks have given me so much more respect for all the mothers out there. It is amazing how much more complicated even the most simple daily tasks get with a baby. Every morning Amanda and I have a long 'To Do' list and after a full day of running around and trying to get things done, we can never quite accomplish it all. So here's a big pat on the back for all the moms out there!

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