No, Lauren didn't go back to the hospital and come back. This "Coming Home" post is about Elysha, Lauren's super smitten aunt. For more than five years, Elysha lived in California doing Law School and then working as a lawyer. She was doing great there but then, suddenly, we weren't doing great here. Ever since Lauren was born, it was on Elysha's mind to maybe come back home one day. Suddenly, circumstances showed us all that even though we always think we have forever, we don't. She decided to move back home and now here she is! There will be a lot of work for her to do to transfer her law credentials to Canadian credentials but we couldn't be happier that she is here. Welcome home, Elysha!

1 comment:

  1. Lauren seems pretty excited to see her Aunt Elysha too. Wishing Elysha all the best as she transfers her credentials and gets settled here.


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