We are still in bubble status (a few more weeks to go), so what is it that we do all day every day?

We have many different activities that we enjoy...

1. Eating socks and anything else we can put our hands on

2. Getting dressed up in cute outfits and staying fancy in the house

3. Playing in makeshift tents

 4. Making food beards (because eating is overrated) and pretending that we are pirates named Redbeard feared throughout the seven seas

5. Snuggling (my personal favourite activity)

6. Gardening

7. Napping (in the past few days Lauren has started to nap three times a day!)

8. Becoming a mini Mozart

9. Going running

10. Going walking (which, from the look on her face, Lauren enjoys much more than running)

11. Jolly jumping  on  with the dog

12. Practicing gymnastics and flexibility

13. Petting the dog... before he runs out of reach
 14. Shark wrangling

15. Enjoying the sunshine

17. And pretending Lauren has hair. Okay, this might actually be my favourite activity. It makes me laugh every time. 

In the past few days Lauren has seemed to settle into more of a routine which makes our time at home so much easier because she is easier to read. She is starting to become more and more like the little girl that we used to know. 

1 comment:

  1. It's wonderful to see the stress being relieved in your system. Kids are so 'right now' aren't they. They leave the past behind in ways that are harder for us. As always thanks for sharing the story.


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