On Friday Lauren went for an upper GI test to check for any structural anomalies that might be causing her difficulty with solid food. I was super nervous that she would have to have a feeding tube put in to get the barium into her because she ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to take a bottle. In the first few months we didn't give her a bottle because everyone says that then they will have nipple confusion. Well, my next child is going to be super confused because this whole no bottle thing really sucks for sleeping, going out, etc.

The doctor and tech seemed more concerned about her feeling claustrophobic because she had to be sandwiched between the bed and the machine. Little did they know that her favourite place to explore lately is the underside of our coffee table.

Neither of us needed to be concerned! Lauren drank the barium right down and was perfectly comfortable in the machine. Thankfully the test showed that there are no structural defects causing her vomiting! It was almost weird to hear that there isn't some other strange thing wrong... but I'll take it!

Oh, and the bottle. Tried that again when we got home. We ended up breastfeeding again. I swear, that next child... so confused.

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