Lauren is officially 17 months old. I think this month will go fast with the many things we have coming up. There is the a heart checkup on the 17th, the Garage Sale on the 20th, Dream B on the 31st (more on that in an upcoming post) and then Matt is on vacation and home with us for a week and a half. Then, before we know it she will be 18 months and that will be nice because 17 is such an odd number that my OCD finds it incredibly offensive. That number OCD that I've got is so strange. But that is another issue for another day. 

Here are some pictures from this past month that I haven't yet shared.

Bath monster. 

It's for you.

 Learning her colours with Pantone.
 That's some great posture.
 She's getting so big!
They see me rollin'.
 Favourite thing to do: drink from taps.
 Where is that darn scar strip?
 Look Mom!
 Walking around like she owns the place.
 Two loves: her feet and her syringes. She's a strange bird.
 Lauren was ridiculously proud to sit in this baby sized chair.
 Is this Pat or Pat 2? Who knows and it doesn't matter.
 Sippy cups are gone. Gatorade bottles are in.
My neighbour likes to request that I put pants on my child. I just laugh. You're welcome. 
 Plotting her escape. 
Naptime is a breeze now that she has an air conditioner in her room. It is white noise that sounds like an airplane is about to take off in her room.
Teething means hours and hours of cuddling and carrying. This Ergo carrier is the best money we ever spent! Lauren's been working hard at cutting three eye teeth. Ouch.
Rash time. Who knows what it was from but she laughed so hard while I drew the lines around them even though she was super tired. Waaaa - hee hee - waa - hee - waaaa - hee.
What a great month it has been!

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  1. Thanks for sharing those pics. She sure is getting big. Good for her! I loved her "walking around like she owns the place". Maybe you need to get her a child-sized chair. She looked cute on it. She have an adorable child.


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