Matt is in a new office building and Lauren and I went to check out his new digs. He now has his own office and Lauren took full advantage of the experience.

Here's how it went...

"I'm going to get the best rates possible. Time to play coy."
 "Ooh, you'll spin me in the chair. That's good service!"
 "Let's look at the numbers. I'll show you my shoe and you show me what you've got."
 "Thirsty? Yes, so nice of you to ask. Here, you do it for me."
 "Okay, here are the numbers? Let's just change this one... and this one.... That's better. "
"So you're telling me that I need to cut up these credit cards or I'll be living in your basement until I'm 32."
"Let's look at these contacts here."
 "Who are you calling in the middle of our meeting?"
 "Do you play with all your clients' hair? Does Mom know about this?"
 "So that's how you write my name."
 "Yep. Just signed my first contract."
"That was a busy morning and a long drive. I should probably watch a movie so I don't fall asleep and skip my nap... PS I'm going to stay awake in the car AND at home too. Kiss that nap goodbye! Hahaha."
 "That was a long day. I don't want a nap but I will lay here. Perfect."

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