When I think back to Lauren first being admitted to the emergency room, I relive it until I get to one point... the moment when I had to call my Dad while he was out of town on business and tell him, out of the blue, that his granddaughter's heart had stopped. I always used to think that Elysha was his favourite daughter but now I know that neither of us hold a candle to Lauren, the little love of his life. In that moment, to know that I was telling him the worst news ever and he could do nothing and maybe couldn't be with her if the unimaginable might happen, absolutely broke my heart.

My Dad came home as fast as he could and when he first saw me all he could do was cry and say, "But she's just a little baby." It seemed so unfair that she had to go through this because, for someone so little, it was such a large burden to bear. My heart went from broken to shattered as I felt the depth of his love for her and I experienced his grief.

True to his nature, all last summer my Dad showed his love for Lauren by being there and doing whatever he could for her. Today, he is often the one wandering behind her as she runs around and explores. His patience for her wandering knows no bounds and he spends much of his time with her laughing harder than I have ever heard him laugh.

What a blessing to see that out of such grief, he is able to have such joy. Little Lauren has him wrapped around her finger... and maybe even her toes too.


  1. Growing up at 1st CRC I used to think all Pel men were tough as nails (especially your Uncle Leo!) but seeing photos of you dad with Lauren and reading this post dispel that myth ;) One of my favourite parts about being a parent is seeing my dad with my kids.
    Sara Breedveld (TerMaat)

  2. Opa's are such special people.


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